We can only make this dream happen together

Cohousing is (by its very essence) a group effort: people come together, exchange ideas, collaborate…

A small group of people has laid the foundation for this charity, but it won’t become a reality without more people doing their share.

In this page you can find ways to join in.

Cohousing community (The Cohousing Association of the United States)

There is strength in numbers. An organisation with thousands of members will send a clear message to policy makers: We’re here and we want cohousing in Scotland!

What is needed:

Outreach – Advocacy, Comms and Engagement

Welcoming – Membership Support and Events

Trustees – Share your knowledge and advice

Funding – It would help us reach further if we had the resources

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Anyone can join Cohousing Scotland. Donations are important to continue the work of the charity, so we appeal to members to make an annual donation according to their financial means.  

Donate by bank transfer: Cohousing Scotland, Sort Code: 80-06-26, Account: 00116725 with your last name as Reference.  Please alert our treasurer, by emailing to info@cohousing.scot, when you’ve made a transfer!