A life with community
at the centre

We're a charity supporting innovative housing solutions. We believe in cooperative housing that is run by the residents themselves.

Clare O’Connell (Imagine If)

What is cohousing?

Cohousing is an ‘intentional group of neighbours’, who live in private homes but share some facilities.

Cohousing prioritises community, and often environmental values, providing a neighbourly place to live long-term. Cohousing neighbourhoods are usually formed of 10-to-40 households.

Chapeltown Cohousing (Leeds)

Who is cohousing for?

Anyone! All ages and genders, family sizes, financial circumstances, geographical locations, physical and cognitive abilities and cultural identity.

However, it’s important to say that in these communities, decisions are made collectively – so people need to be willing to work with others when there are disagreements. This way of living gives everybody a voice!

Lange Eng Cohousing (Denmark)

In Scotland

Cohousing is new to Scotland, but has been well-established in many other countries. This means you can see how it works elsewhere, but to make it happen, here in Scotland, will require patience and commitment. 

We’re committed to housing that is:



An option for everyone, irrespective of financial circumstance



Investing in long-term social and environmental resilience

Community led


Where the values, decisions and responsibilities are held by the residents



For diverse physical and cognitive abilities who want to be neighbours

What does cohousing look like?

Cohousing, like community, takes many shapes – it would be impossible to find a video that represents all types. But we know it is important to take an idea from an abstract concept to a tangible reality, so here is a video featuring two intergenerational cohousing communities in Denmark and the USA. Hopefully, it will give you a sense of what we’re talking about.

About us

Cohousing Scotland is a charity representing Scottish, community-led housing that is run by the residents themselves.

We act as a support forum for local Cohousing groups, fostering best practice, promoting opportunities and providing guidance to stakeholders.

Our ambition is to help create the choice of inclusive, sustainable housing, that responds to the needs of local communities and puts decision making back into their hands. 

Forming cohousing groups in Scotland

Want to see cohousing happening in Scotland?